Creative WaveStudio

Creative WaveStudio 7.14

Records, modifies and manages audio files
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Work with customizable standard Wave, RAW and WMA files by recording them, creating new projects based on existing elements mixed and edited with a set of special tools, remove artifacts from tracks, convert the files between supported formats, normalize the volume, add an echo effect and swap channels, etc.

Creative WaveStudio is wave editing tool by Creative Technology. Creative WaveStudio enables a user to create, edit or modify wav files using more than 10 audio filters. Like Silence, Reverse, Echo, Fade In, Fade Out, Audio-cleanup. The audio graph helps the user to know the current playback and exact position for using a filter or editing of sound. Zoom In and Zoom Out enables the user to zoom the graph for more accuracy and to manage minor sounds. Loop playback of sounds can be useful for repeated listening to that audio.

Key Features:
Play, edit, and record 8-bit, 16-bit, and 24-bit wave data using Creative WaveStudio.
Create sounds with special effects using filters and editing operations.
Open and edit multiple audio files in the same window.
Go to tool for playing anywhere in the timeline.
Record sounds with in-built sound recorder.
Audio graph for accurate editing and zooming for the graph.
Import or export RAW, WMA and WAV data files.
It is totally free.
Now enjoy the Wave editing using the free and very easy to use Creative WaveStudio.

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  • Very good Wave editor with all the sound filters


  • Few file formats supported
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